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Join the Lab!

Graduate students

We are looking for graduate students who are interested in studying basic neural and molecular mechanisms underlying sleep and aging. If you wish to join the lab or do a research rotation, please contact Dr. van der Linden at with a brief statement of your research interests.


Our lab uses a wide variety of molecular biology, genetic and genomic approaches with the C. elegans model organism. Commonly used techniques are: genetic crosses, molecular cloning, RNA-mediated interference, transgenic strain construction by microinjections, fluorescent microscopy, whole-genome re-sequencing, expression profiling, and behavioral and metabolic analysis. 


Dr. van der Linden's Lab accepts graduate students in the University of Nevada Molecular Biosciences Graduate Program, and the Integrative Neuroscience Graduate Program. If interested in studying behavior of natural C. elegans isolates, Dr. van der Linden's lab also accepts graduate students in the Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology Graduate Program.

Undergraduate students

We are accepting enthusiastic undergraduate researchers. If you are interested in doing an independent research study in the lab over the course of multiple semesters (~15 hours per week), please contact Dr. van der Linden at with a brief statement of your research interests, any past research experience and future career goals.


Preferably, students would join the lab as volunteers and students who demonstrate sincere interest will be invited to continue participating in research projects, potentially culminating in an independent thesis project. Research can be conducted for credit during the fall and spring semesters.

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